What’s Electronic Museum Guide Or Audio Guide


Electronic Museum Guides are electronic handheld devices to supply audio, visual or text message to museum visitors without or with user interaction during museum visits.

Usage Areas

Electronic Museum Guides are utilized in each and every kind of museum. Including open area museums.


Electronic Museum Guides might be supplied by the museums without or with a charge. Some museums provide the systems with entrance ticket or marketing tickets.

Content Types

Museum Guides provides happy to tourists in several forms

Audio Content

Text Message

Visual Content including videos, animations and so forth.

Content Alternatives

Electronic Museum Guides will be operated to provide content in various languages and accents, with various voice alternatives like (Man/Lady/Child/Native Speaker/TV Speaker/etc.), with subtitles, with age bracket specific content.

Extra Contents

Electronic Museum Guides shall include extra contents like ads, banners, sponsor links, and so forth. Electronic Museum Guides shall take part in the extra quite happy with object triggering, time triggering, location triggering or action triggering mechanisms.

Tour Guiding Mechanism

Electronic Museum Guides may provide a number of options for tour guiding.

Self Motivated Tours : Customer shall tour the museum on account.

Directed Tours : Customer is directed through the system inside a manner so that customer can click on object by object section by section or theme by theme. This method may also be altered by restricting time of visit.

Semi-Directed Tours : Customer is directed through the system but they might break the succession and may then join the succession correspondingly. Operating Alternatives Electronic museum guides might be run by a number of ways: Touch/push button systems is going to be run by the customer. Customer will go into the code allotted to the item towards the electronic museum guide and also the related submissions are provided.

Location aware systems will semi instantly operate. They sense the place by a number of alternative technologies and supply the attached content. When the sensing area isn’t narrow enough to identify every different object then your customer will enter or choose the content she or he wants.

Type of Sight Aware Systems will instantly operate. They sense the place and also the target object and offers the attached content. Scalping strategies can include a man-made intelligence which will appraise the customer aims and interest areas and could provide shallower or much deeper information for that object. Scalping strategies may require special technologies for target recognition.

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