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Web hosting Industry is growing and has enhance the impact of growing impact in today’s technology and as development is concerned online business has planning to upgrade to managed VPS hosting but don’t want to spend a fortune on the same? No worries! You have landed at the right and securedplace.  

There are so many web hosting solutions available, like Shared hosting, WordPress hosting , VPS hosting, dedicated server, Cloud hosting, etc.

I am sure you might have spent a lot of time working on your website when it faced downtime due to some technical issue or some problem arises. If you haven’t faced such an issue, than you must be lucky enough! There are several people that face such issues and don’t even have a backup of their site.

Unmanaged Linux VPS | Self-Managed VPS Hosting | MilesWeb

Buying a  cheap windows VPS plan from MilesWeb means that you get your very own virtual server environment. You have full control over the operating system, the extensions and apps you install and the settings. Each physical server will still host multiple VPS customers, but not as many as with shared hosting, and typically each VPS will be allocated a share of key resources – RAM, Storage Space, CPU cores – for their use alone. 


Y ?MilesWeb – 

MilesWeboffers other services such as Domain and SSL Certificates, G Suite and SpamExpert.In terms of VPS hosting, MilesWeb offers enough resources to amaze you with the quality and performance of anything they offer. They offer both cheap linux vps and cheap Windows VPS server hosting.Founded in 2012, MilesWeb stands among the leading web hosting providers globally. 

MilesWeb deals with several services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, reseller hosting and WordPress hosting.  


MilesWeb VPS is best suitable for:

  • Blog/ personal websites
  • Growing business websites
  • High traffic websites
  • For those who need a customizable server
  • Same as dedicated server resources
  • With MilesWeb Linux VPS Hosting, offer multiple Linux OS options with full root SSH access.

You can select the operating system of your choice.

The available options are:

  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • cPanel VPS Hosting

Let’s check their features below:

Free Migration

If you already have a domain?Want to migrate it to VPS server? Just contact MilesWeb team through live chat you they will help you out in migrating your website to MilesWeb with free of cost you don’t have to pay for this process and even your data will be safe with them.

Free SSL Certificate

Security is the most crutial aspect for every website. An SSL certificate helps to encrypt the data shared between your website and the visitors. This keeps the visitors significant information safe. MilesWeb offers free SSL certificate to its customers.

Free VPS Management

All the technical and challenging work can be left over to their team and you can focus on growing your online business. This is done without any additional charges.


Though mentioned about it above, the list won’t get completed without this feature. When you opt for managed VPS hosting, you don’t need to worry about your hosting for anything. MilesWeb will take care of all the technical aspects and will keep your server highly optimized. So, you won’t face any problem with running your website. 

  • Cloud Powered VPS

Cloud VPS hosting is especially good for high traffic websites. With cloud VPS hosting, you get the benefits of both cloud as well as VPS hosting. It means you get both a virtual environment as well as flexibility of resources.

  • MilesWeb cloud VPS hosting offers the best performance with their managed virtual private servers (VPS). Due to this you get the power of dedicated server as well as the flexibility of cloud hosting. 
  • Enterprise-Grade Hardware

MilesWeb VPS hosting servers are based on cloud infrastructure that comprises of enterprise-grade hardware. This hardware includes SSD technology, powerful Intel Xeon Processors and 128GB of RAM per server.

  • Resource Monitoring Dashboard 

You can reboot VPS, monitor memory usage check server load as well as other configuration of your VPS server. You can easily monitor as it is user friendly dashboard. 

  • High Performance with SSDs

Due to SSD it helps in high performance by using flash technology with lacks in HDDs. Therefore, MilesWeb includes SSDs in their VPS hosting plans. It offers best performance and reliability they are also better with speed and reliability that also improves the page loading speed.

  • Get Full Control

Root access offers complete admin power to access and modify your hosting servers. The admin user is the root that has the permission to access and edit all the files on your server.

You can get complete control over your VPS server. With MilesWeb VPS hosting, you get SSH and root access that helps to get complete control over your VPS environment that means you can easily install and uninstall programs on your server with the root access feature.

  • Instant Provisioning

Your websites can be setup and taken online on their VPS servers within seconds. For your information, many VPS hosting providers take almost hours or days to activate.

  • This is where “instant provisioning” of MilesWeb VPS hosting comes into spotlight where MilesWeb VPS hosting plans are quickly deployed once your order is completed and payment is verified.
  • No Setup Fee

Just pay for the hosting plan selected and the setup will be done for free.

  • Robust Infrastructure

Since, MilesWeb’s VPS infrastructure is built in collaboration with popular tech players such as Supermicro, Dell, HP and Cisco. Their cutting edge servers offer the best uptime and stability.

  • Choice of Control Panel

You can easily manage your Linux VPS hosting server with control panel. cPanel and Plesk are the two popular control panels. cPanel works best with CentOS and Plesk works with CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian.

  • Install Applications

You are allowed to install your choice of applications with the Softaculous 1-click installer. You get to choose from more than 400 applications with the 1-click installer

Conclusion  –

In short it plays a great value for money and a strong selection of features make MilesWeb a competitive choice on the market. MilesWeb teams up for getting. It has set the benchmark in the industry for bestVPS hosting, Cloud hosting, and Shared hosting in the growing years.

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