Some Awesome things Android Users can Do With Their phones

Android is a fascinating device that can do a lot more than just calling and your regular social media use.

Unlike iOS, Android is highly customizable and lets you enjoy so much more as a result.

So, for your newly purchased Sony Xperia, unlock Sony Xperia to enjoy the following awesome features that you’re probably not aware of:

Scan Barcodes or Scan Documents

The camera on your android device can do more than just taking photos of yourself for posting online.

You can use your rear camera as a barcode or document scanner by using apps like ‘Barcode scanner’ for barcodes and ‘CamScanner’ for documents.

In addition to this, you can find a lot of apps on the Google Play store that can serve the same purpose.

Access Other Devices’ Chrome Tabs 

You don’t need to envy your friends for enjoying the seamless syncing of Apple’s products.

You can do the equivalent of that with Chrome. All you need do is to log into Chrome using your Gmail ID in all your devices; when you do this, your history, tabs, bookmarks will synchronize across the whole devices.

While Apple users are restricted to Apple devices, you can use Chrome across various platforms.

Anytime you have opened a new tab in Chrome, at the bottom right is the recent tabs option, where you can find the open tabs across all your devices.

Remote Lock or Erase Your Lost Phone

If you lose your smartphones, this Android feature has you covered. Android Device Manager lets you track your phone and erase it if you lose it.

To enable this go to Android Device Manager in Settings, go to Security, then to Device Administrators and use your computer to access the site if you ever lose your smartphone.

You can check your IMEI and identify your mobile device.

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