Microsoft Azure cloud: is it a good option compared to other cloud computing services providers?

Cloud computing has been a powerful tool for enterprises, industries of all sizes. Cloud computing will be a $300 billion industry by 2022. Windows cloud computing is becoming more popular as companies recognize its business benefits and use it to improve their businesses, serve customers better and increase profits. It is crucial to select the right cloud provider based on your business, security, and compliance requirements.

Is it difficult to select?

It would not be easy to choose one of the many services providers. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are the major players in cloud service. AWS was launched in 2006 and was the first company. According to surveys, Azure has a nearly two times higher annual growth than Google cloud computing and AWS. Microsoft Azure is the best cloud platform.

This professional cloud platform has seen significant improvements over the years. According to data from different sources, 59% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure. Azure also holds 39% in public cloud workloads. Why should enterprises trust their business data and apps to Microsoft Azure cloud storage?

High availability is the primary key.

Microsoft’s global reach is unmatched by any other cloud provider. Redundancy is guaranteed by a more significant number of data centers spread across the globe. Businesses can transfer data and applications to Azure cloud storage quickly because of its high availability. Microsoft cloud platform offers 99.95% SLA. Companies can benefit from machine learning functionality, cognitive service capabilities, and the Internet of Things.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service

Microsoft Azure hosting offers a virtual machine and application combination that allows enterprises to deploy simple application stacks in a cloud environment. Azure’s IaaS model will enable developers to monitor, manage and access remote data centers. PaaS allows developers to develop, test, and deploy custom applications quickly. It reduces IT administration costs by enabling customers to use the internal apps launched in the cloud.

Security is not compromised.

Microsoft Office 365 promises the highest security and protection of all stored data. The cloud platform meets industry standards like ISO 27001. Azure is the most trusted cloud platform in America. It also meets a variety of country-specific standards like G-Cloud in the UK. It is also the first cloud-based platform that has adopted the international standard ISO 27018 for cloud privacy. Microsoft Azure management provides a greater level of security in the cloud environment with multi-level protection, multiple compliance certificates, and cyber security controls.

Cost-efficiency is what we cannot forget.

Microsoft Azure provides a pay-as-you-go payment plan. It allows businesses to manage their budgets by only paying for services that they use in each billing cycle. Multinational companies had to spend a lot of money before migrating to cloud computing. Azure’s flexible structure makes it possible to scale up data storage. Performance-efficient storage services in the Azure cloud helps businesses to integrate data and processes.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Microsoft Azure that make it one of the leaders in the cloud service market.

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