How to Choose HONOR Laptops?

There are two manufacturers in the market that mainly deal with the computer CPU business. One is AMD Ruilong and the other is Intel, which is well-known to the public. The CPU produced by the two manufacturers has a long history, which avoids the dominance. Most of the notebook computers we buy are the CPU of these two companies. But do you know how to select the CPU of Intel and AMD?

The Core version and the Ruilong version of the notebook with the same name will have many differences under power management. So they cannot be treated as the same model. In daily office and experience, the difference between the two CPUs is not very big. In the same mode, Ruilong will have about 20% less endurance than Intel.

How do we choose?

If you use for light office work or study, it is better to choose the CPU of Ruilong. However, if you have PR or game needs, the CPU of Ruilong may not be able to meet you. You can consider the exclusive version of Core + Avida.

After the CPU has been selected, we have to mention the memory. Now most of the memory specifications are 8G and 16G. What is the matching that people choose the most. The notebook computer equipped with DDR4 and 8G is enough for our daily use. However, under the condition of 16 GB background opening and heavy use, fluency has good advantages. With the blessing of 16G of memory, the Ruilong version of the model has improved well. Mainly because Windows has a memory compression mechanism. If the memory is larger, the compressed data will be smaller in the multitasking scenario. We will feel smooth when using it. If your memory is small, you don’t have to worry about the machine jamming due to the full memory after opening more windows. If your budget is sufficient, it is good to choose 16G of memory.

How to choose the screen? The size of the screen is divided into small size and large size, and the corresponding requirements are different. HONOR Laptops generally weigh less than 2KG, so it is better to choose small computers first. In this way, when we go out to carry or work, we will not be dragged down by heavy laptops. Generally, we call 15.6/16.1 inch notebook computers large-screen notebook computers. And 13/14 inch notebook computers small-screen notebook computers. There is no need to worry that small-screen notebook computers will read small words. These can be adjusted in the system settings.

Notebook computers with small screens will have higher PPI at the same resolution. The picture will look more delicate. The large screen can display more pictures, which is one of the reasons why many game players choose it.

Well, that’s how to choose the right laptop for yourself. I hope this article can help you.

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