Facebook Fan Page: Things Needed To Open A Fan Page

Having a Facebook Fan page is critical for a brand to gain recognition in the competitive social media market. Facebook stars in an uphill battle between social networks to conquer the leadership of the ranking and assume the position of the most accessed Social Network in the world! Check http://promorepublic.com/en/blog/set-shop-facebook-step-step-guide-beginners/

Facebook Fan Page

Therefore, having a Facebook fan page is essential for small, medium, and large companies. It will probably be one of the most critical communications and relationship channels between the brand and the public.

But it’s not enough to create a Facebook page and put it online. To get results, you’ll need to optimize the Fanpage with a series of best practices! Without it, your page will continue to fight for survival in the icy north winds.

So, to start your Social Media Warrior training, we have separated six tips on how to optimize a Facebook Fanpage!

Things Needed To Open A Fan Page

Unlike a personal profile, where you can add people to follow your posts, the Facebook Fanpage is a page aimed at companies, people, products, or brands interested in interacting with their audience through the social network.

But, if you’re wondering why you don’t keep a personal profile to present products and services, we’ll get rid of your doubts!

Personal profiles have contact limitations and do not allow the use of exclusive resources for company pages.

  • check-in, a geolocation feature that will enable users to mention the page publicly;
  • call to action, the button that encourages the user to click and perform an action;
  • dark post, an ad that doesn’t appear in the news feed;
  • metrics, through Facebook Insights, you will have important data about the performance of the page. If you do ads, you will also get Facebook Ads performance data. There are also valuable audience metrics within Facebook’s Business Manager;
  • custom tab, allows you to post photos, videos, discussion forums, information about specific products, events, and user ratings;
  • multiple access, the page can be managed by several people simultaneously;
  • The Facebook group allows you to create a community around the brand;
  • chatbot Messenger, use of robots that generate automatic responses;
  • ad manager, a tool used to develop Facebook campaigns and ads.

Not to mention that, on the fan page, you can still use external tools that go beyond monitoring and scheduling posts – the whole process of managing social networks to make Social Media’s life easier.

Facebook Insights reports provide excellent inputs for crafting effective social networking strategies. You will have various information, such as age, gender, occupation, location, and the main times your audience is interacting.

Also, when making a sponsored post, to boost your post’s reach, you’ll know some vital information to segment your audience and get the best results according to promo republic.

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