5 tips for writing a stylish resume

A resume is a document that provides information to the employer about your career goal, skills, and experience. It gives an idea to the employer whether the person is fit for the position for which he is applying or not. No matter if he is a fresher or an experienced person, any job seeker will require a resume to apply for a job.

Resume writing is an art; you can get the free samples online on https://resumebuild.com and get an idea of writing a perfect resume without any error and with chances of being selected for the procedure of interview.

Use a professional email address.

While writing a resume, you should keep in mind that you write a professional email address in your resume. If you don’t have a professional email address, you can form a new email to provide us with information to contact you. For example, you should not use rohanlikesgrapes@hotmail.com as the email address, as this is not a professional email address.

Use up to date contact information:

You should use your current contact information on the resume as the employer will use that information to contact you; if you put the wrong information on your resume, you can even miss the interview.

If you are applying for a job in a different state or country, you can omit writing the address as it might lose the job. You can even exclude writing birth date, marital status, religion, race, gender.

Use an attractive font:

The font of the resume plays an essential part in making your resume attractive. Using a professional font style will make your resume attractive and easily readable. You can use Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman as the font styles in writing the resume.

Make your resume with heading and subheading:

You should make proper use of heading and subheading. Use should even bold the heading so that the employer gets focused on the heading.

Select the type of resume:

There are basically four types of resumes. You can select the one according to your skills and experience and according to the field of your job. 

  • If you have the latest work history and no lapse of time in employment, you can use a chronological resume.
  • In case you have a time gap in employment and have good skills, you can prefer a functional resume.
  • In case you have both the experience and skill. In your career, you can prefer a combination resume. If you have targeted a particular company, you can prefer preparing a targeted resume according to the company’s requirement in which you want to apply.

Resume making plays an essential part in getting the job. You can take an idea from online sites like https://resumebuild.com and get an idea about which resume will be suitable for you according to your job profile.

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